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VESSEL CW-900EX : "Clean Walker Eazy" Washable Sticky Mat

* This dust collecting mat utilizes the elf-adhesiveness of high-quality polyurethane gel.
* The 3 mm thickness eliminates catching when the door is opened or closed.
* Reversible. The front and back (surface A / surface B) are indicated with identification labels.
* The 450 mm × 500 mm half sized can be peeled off and washed with water. Easy maintenance.
* A hook hole is provided so the mat can be hung out to dry.
* The size has been halved to facilitate maintenance. The mat can be removed and washed with water.
* Conventional peel-off mats are likely to redistribute the accumulated dust every time the sheet is ripped up. "Clean Walker Eazy" prevents such secondary contamination as it is cleaned by wet mopping.
* Effectively use the mat in plants manufacturing semiconductors, electronics, precision devices, foodstuffs, or packaging materials, in printing or painting plants, in pharmaceutical plants, in medical facilities, etc.
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"Clean Walker Eazy" Washable Sticky Mat

* Outer package : 5 sets (2 pieces / set)
* Material : Polyurethane, non-woven textiles
* Hardness : ShoreA 8
* Tensile strength : 1.65N/mm2
* Tear resistance : 28.7N/mm
* Heat resistance : -30~80°C
* Adherence : 0.045N/25mm (180 peel)
* Electroconductive : Insulator

Please watch this Video for How to Clean VESSEL Clean Walker

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