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VESSEL IPC-A4 : Ion Parts Cleaner

* Compact sized and ideal for dust elimination of small work material.
* Transparent booth with magnifying lens for optimum workability.
* Ionizing air blow can be switched between Pulse mode and Continuous mode.
* With a built-in sensor, which senses parts put into the booth and automatically starts ionizing blow. Auto switch-off time is adjustable.
* Dust are collected on the adhesive surface of the polyurethane gel sheets, which are washable.
* With no built-in dust collector, its power consumption is less than 4% (17W) of a conventional small-sized dust collector.
* Ideal for removing dust and static charge from circuit board and semiconductor devices, and for cleaning part trays and removing dust from lens and acrylic products, neutralizing static charge and eliminating dust before UV protection treatment, vapor deposition, packaging and printing process, etc.
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VESSEL IPC-A4 : Ion Parts Cleaner

* Input voltage : DC24V±5%
* Power consumption : 17 W
* Current consumption : 700mA
* Applied fluid : Clean air (0.1~0.3MPa)
* Air consumption : 187L/min (0.3MPa, Continuous mode)
* Modes for Ionizing blow : Continuous mode
- High-frequency pulse mode (Cycle length : 100msec, Pulse width : 40msec)
- Low-frequency pulse mode (Cycle length : 250msec, Pulse width : 100msec)
* OFF-timer setting : 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 30 seconds (selected by DIP switch)
* Noise : 86.5dB (A) (0.3MPa, Continuous mode, 1m distance in the front position)
* Ozone generation : Less than 0.05ppm (measured 50mm from device)
* Operating temperature / humidity : 5 - 40°C / 35 – 65%RH (non-condensing)

* Power supply transformer (Input AC100 to 240V Output DC24V)
* Mounting bracket for N-2, Electrode Needle Replacement Screwdriver (separately sold)

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