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VESSEL EPS-01G : Wrist Strap with Grounding Sensor

* Warns the operator with light and sound when a grounding problem is detected, for example due to a break in the cord or to the plug being disconnected.
* Elastic band makes it easy to put the strap on and take it off.
* A sensitivity adjustment knob lets you fine-tune the detection status to particular work areas.
* Designed so that it can be used by individuals with a metal allergy. All metal surfaces touched by the wearer use stainless steel that is chemically formulated to be less likely to give off harmful nickel.
* Includes an LED to indicate remaining battery charge. A LOW BATTERY LED lights up when the remaining battery charge falls to 20% or below. The battery can be replaced.
* Can be used as a normal wrist strap without the battery.
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EPS-01G Wrist Strap with Grounding Sensor

* Resistance value : Approx. 2 MOhm between band and grounding cord
* Accessories :
# Grounding cord (EPC-18 with max. length of 1.8 m and 1 MOhm current-limiting resistance)
# Test battery (already installed in CR1220)
# Alligator clip

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