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VESSEL EPS-02S : Wrist Strap with Metal Band

* Fits the wrist comfortably and can be washed for repeated use.
* Stretchable band is easy to put on and take off. Available in two sizes (small/medium). Metal band is designed to minimize dust generation. Band features rounded edges designed to prevent damage to products. Length of band can be easily adjusted by adding links from the plastic case.
* Band is designed with just the right amount of curvature so that it fits the wrist perfectly.
* Designed so that it can be used by individuals with a metal allergy. All metal surfaces touched by the wearer use stainless steel that is chemically formulated to be less likely to give off harmful nickel.
* Can be easily cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner, ensuring that the band is always clean and ready for use
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EPS-02S : Wrist Strap with Metal Band

* Resistance value : Approx. 1 MOhm between band and grounding cord
* Accessories :
# Grounding cord (EPC-18 with max. length of 1.8 m and 1 MOhm current-limiting resistance)
# Test battery (already installed in CR1220)
# Alligator clip

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