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Menyambut Anniversary 100 Tahun VESSEL pada 2016 mendatang, dapatkan berbagai produk baru kami yang akan di Launching pada 2016

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VESSEL CW-900B : "Clean Walker" washable sticky mat

* Soft and thick polyurethane gel effectively collects dust particles.
* As it is washable and does not need to be peeled off, it does not re-distribute accumulated dust.
* As both sides are adhesive, “Clean Walker” can be placed on either side.
* Intrinsic adhesive property of the polymer catches and collects dust and dirt. Its soft, elastic surface gets into the grooves of shoe soles and removes contamination from them.
* When the surface becomes dirty, just wipe it with a damp cloth to remove contamination. Adhesive power returns when dried.
* For heavy-traffic worksites or wide doorways, multiple mats can be placed together as “Clean Walker” does not have any framing or non-adhesive area at the corners.
* Installed at the entrance of clean rooms, in air shower booths, for cleaning trolley wheels, etc.
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"Clean Walker" washable sticky mat

Please watch this Video for How to Clean VESSEL Clean Walker

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