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VESSEL IPC-A3 : Ion Parts Cleaner

* An openable clear window is provided on the front of the hood to prevent sdust from scattering and to ensure a clear view.
* The adhesive gel sheet can be easily washed and replaced. The adhesive gel sheet plate is attached with magnets, and can be easily removed.
* A paper pack filter or dust hose for collecting dust can be attached to the back of the hood.
* Two air nozzle type ionizers are set on the top of the hood to blow air downward. The ionized air discharged from the ionizers simultaneously removes static electricity and dust from the workpiece.
* When a workpiece is inserted into the hood by hand, the sensor activates and automatically starts the air blow.
* The static electricity remover is equipped with an error monitor function. Error states can be checked with lamp indications.
* RoHS compatible product, CE complaint product (EMC Directive)
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IPC-A3 Ion Parts Cleaner

* Input voltage : DC24V±5%
* Power consumption : 22 W
* Current consumption : 900mA
* Air Flow : 1.13 m3/min (Built-in fan)
* Static Pressure : 460Pa (Built-in fan)
* Ionizer : Super Slim Nozzle-Type N-1 x 2pcs
* Applied fluid : 0.1Mpa to 0.7MPa (use clesn air)
* Air consumption : 220L/min (0.3MPa)
* Air supply hose diameter : Ø8mm ×Ø5mm
* Noise : 70.0 dBA (0.3MPa)
* Operating temperature and humidity : 5°C to 40°C and 35 to 65%RH (non-condensing)
* Materials : Booth : Steel, Hard PVC plates / Plates : Stainless steel / Adhesive gel : Polyurethane

*Accesories : Power supply transformer, Duct flange (for Ø75mm), Paper pack filter (6pc)

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