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Menyambut Anniversary 100 Tahun VESSEL pada 2016 mendatang, dapatkan berbagai produk baru kami yang akan di Launching pada 2016

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VESSEL N-2 : Compact Nozzle Type Ionizer

Very compact with a low profile!
(Only 3.74”L x 1.34”W x 1.77”H)

Its compact design is ideal for confined spaces. With very accurate ion balance within ± 10V, this unit has a powerful airflow for effective cleaning (up to 87psi) with quick decay time less than 0.7 seconds (at a distance of 6” using 43.5psi).

The body of the unit is equipped with an LED indicator that communicates the device’s operating status at a glance. Incorporates a reliable high frequency piezoelectric transformer and is usable with compressed air and nitrogen gas. With the 6-terminal power harness, multiple units can be connected together using one power source and warnings can be sent to external equipment.

Includes three kinds of interchangeable nozzles for different applications. An optional flexible shower tube is available (N-2C6B) for effective countermeasure against static accumulation such as in a film winder, molding machines, hoppers, conveyers, and other applications. The easy maintenance design allows an operator to change electrode needle in seconds using electrode needle removal tool (G-7DR).
VESSEL N-2 : Compact Nozzle Type IonizerDetail Produk

N-2 Compact Nozzle Type Ionizer

* Ion Generation Method : High-Voltage AC Corona Discharge
* Applied Voltage : AC 6.0K V(p-p)
* Input Voltage : DC 24V ±5%
* Power Consumption : 58mA (typ.)
* Applied Source : Clean Air: 14.5~87psi
Nitrogen Gas: 14.5~87psi
* Air Consumption : 29psi
* Working Temp. Range / Working Humidity Range : 32~140°F / 35~85% RH (no dewing)
* Decay Time : ±1000V~±100V, within 0.7sec, 43.5psi/6" [measured values]
* Materials : Housing: ABS Resin
Nozzles: Polyacetal Resin
Needle Pole Electrode: Tungsten

VESSEL N-2C6B : Flexible Shower Tube for Pinpoint Nozzle Ionizer

* Shower type nozzle for N-2 Pinpoint Nozzle Ionizer.
* Flexible and handy for your application.
* Easy installation even in a limited space.
* Effective countermeasure against static accumulation at a film winder and stocker, etc.
VESSEL N-2C6B : Flexible Shower Tube for Pinpoint Nozzle IonizerDetail Produk

N-2C6B Flexible Shower Tube for Pinpoint Nozzle Ionizer

* Application : Connected to N-2 with Tube-fitting Nozzle
* Material : Polyurethane
* Accessories : Stopper, Tube Unity Band
* Static erasing area

Application Picture

VESSEL N-1 : Super Slim Nozzle-Type Ionizer

* Piezo high-frequency AC Corona discharge method.
* Super slim and compact design enabling to be installed at any place for any direction.
* Operation status is indicated with LED lamps. Upper cover visually conveys the operation status by lighting in blue during operation and red during an error stop.
* Power can be supplied to multiple units by daisy-chaining them together.
* Simple and easy mounting with 2 screws.
* Easy to replace the nozzles and clean the electrode needle.
VESSEL N-1 : Super Slim Nozzle-Type IonizerDetail Produk

N-1 Super Slim Nozzle-Type Ionizer

Detail Drawing

* Applied voltage : AC5.0kV(p-p)
* Input power : 24 VDC ± 5 % ripple (P-P) 10 % or less
* Current consumption : 100mA
* Operating fluid : Clean dry air or nitrogen (N2)
* Ion balance : ±10V
* Ozone production rate : 0.05 ppm or less (measured 50mm from device at 0.2MPa)
* Weight : 62g (with standard nozzle mounted) 61g (5with corner nozzle mounted)
* Decay time performance

* Operating environment temperature and humidity : 5 to 40°C 35 to 65%RH (with no dew condensation or freezing)
* Storage environment temperature and humidit : 0 to 60°C 35 to 85%RH (with no dew condensation or freezing)
* Vibration resistance : 60 minute cycle at 10 to 55 Hz frequency in each direction X, Y and Z
* Material : Body / Nozzle : Flame-retardant ABS resin Needle electrode : Stainless steel
* Accessories : Instruction Manual, Standard nozzle×1, Corner nozzle×1
* Decay time

* Static erasing area

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