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Menyambut Anniversary 100 Tahun VESSEL pada 2016 mendatang, dapatkan berbagai produk baru kami yang akan di Launching pada 2016

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VESSEL SH-G3 : Power Supply Unit

Provides two high-output sockets that can be connected to bars for convenient bar installation and wiring. When connecting two bars, the bars can be connected directly to the power unit, eliminating the need for special connectors and complex wiring.
VESSEL SH-G3 : Power Supply UnitDetail Produk

SH-G3?Power Supply Unit

* Input power supply : 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
* Power consumption : 10 W
* Frequency : 30 Hz, fixed
* Pulse ratio : Positive range: 40% to 70% Negative range: 60% to 30%
* AC power cable : 2 cables (for 100 VAC and 240 VAC input) 1.8m

VESSEL SH-Series : Compact AC Pulse Ionizing

* Ionizing method: Pulse AC corona discharge
* Electrode needles: Tungsten.
* The ion balance can be adjusted by varying the pulse ratio.
* A single power supply unit can be used to power multiple bars by adding a branch box.
* The high-voltage cable can be disconnected from the bar.
* The high-voltage cable uses a safe, silicon-insulated design.
* Includes a safety circuit that shuts down the device if a high current flows to the electrode wires or the transformer experiences a high-voltage malfunction.
VESSEL SH-Series : Compact AC Pulse IonizingDetail Produk

SH-Series Compact AC Pulse Ionizing

Detail Drawing

* Applied voltage : 10.5kVp-p
* Ion balance : Within ± 10 V
* Air supply hose diameter : Hose Ø 6 mm ID × Ø 4 mm OD
* Air supply : Clean, dry air or nitrogen (N2) (0.5 MPa)
* Operating temperatureand humidity : 5°C to 55°C, 25% to 85%RH (with no dew condensation or freezing)
* Operating range : Approx. 50 mm to 2,000 mm (air assist recommended for relatively longer distance)
* Ozone production : 0.05 ppm or less (measured 50 mm from device at 0.3 MPa)
* Material : Body / Flame-resistant ABS resin + SUS-304
* Electrode needle : Tungsten (W,99.99%)
* Accessories : High-voltage cable
* Static erasing performance

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VESSEL B-series : AC Pulse Ionizing Bars

* Ionizing method: Pulse AC corona discharge.
* Electrode needles: Tungsten.
* Extensive line includes a total of 15 models ranging from 600 mm to 3,000 mm in length.
* The ion balance adjustment function enables use of the device in a variety of applications (frequency, pulse ratio, and voltage output settings can be configured).
* Includes a credit card-shaped remote control that fits into a pocket, allowing the ion bar to be controlled from a distance (functionality includes frequency and pulse rate settings).
* Includes an air purge function, allowing static electricity erasing performance to be increased by supplying air to the device (clean, dry air or N2, max. 0.3 MPa). Low air consumption allows energy-saving operation.
* Low-voltage 24 VDC wiring makes it both easy and safe to embed the device inside automatic equipment.
* Safety-conscious design features a built-in high-voltage power supply and high-voltage cabling.
* Monitor functionality notifies the user in the event of a high-voltage malfunction or low ion level, or when it’s time to clean the electrode needles. The alarm signal can also be output. Additionally, the device can be monitored from a computer by using the RMS monitor function (optional).
* Electrode needle units twist off for easy replacement.
VESSEL B-series : AC Pulse Ionizing BarsDetail Produk

B-series AC Pulse Ionizing Bars

* Applied voltage : 4.0 to 6.25 kVAC (variable in 10 stages at each electrode)
* Power supply and current consumption : 24VDC ±5%, 600 mA (max)
* Air supply : 0.1 MPa to 0.3 MPa
* Air supply hose diameter : 8 mm × 6 mm (PT1/8 air supply inlet)
* Ozone production : 0.05 ppm or less (measured 50 mm from device at 0.3 MPa)

* Static erasing capacity

* Accessories:
Power supply cable, remote controller (RMS-01)
2 end brackets with set screws (B-EB)
middle bracket with set screws (B-MB, depends on bar length)

VESSEL C-series : AC Pulse Ionizing Clean Bar

* Ionizing method : Pulse AC Corona discharge
* Super-compact design having high-voltage power supply, control cirinside. Generating alternately positive ions and negative ions from each electrode.
* The newly developed needle electrode socket incorporates an air purging structure which has air emission ports around the needle electrode.
* The opposite electrodes are incorporated in the body. This design enables to prevent particles from adhering to the outside of the body due to the induced voltage and to improve the ion generation efficiency by minimize applied voltage losses.
* The timer notifies when to clean needle electrodes. If a problem occurs at the high voltage output, the high voltage error lamp lights and “AL-1” appears on the display.
* This C series is equipped with a mode to optimally adjust the ion balance automatically according to the polarity of the charged matter.
VESSEL C-series : AC Pulse Ionizing Clean BarDetail Produk

C-series AC Pulse Ionizing Clean Bar

Detail Drawing

* Input power supply : DC24V±5%(connector RJ 45 )
* Current consumption : max 14.4W
* Power connection : PT 1 / 8, Hose ø8 mm OD×ø6 mm I D
* Air supply : Clean dry air or nitrogen (N2) (0.3 MPa or less)
* Setting functions :

~ Applied voltage…Max. 12. 5 kVpp Each polarit y can be set in ten steps from 4. 0 0 to 6. 25 kV
~ Frequency…Sel ect f rom ten steps ?0.1, 0.3, 1, 3, 5, 8 , 10, 20, 30, 50 Hz
~ Pulse ratio…Positive ion 4 0 to 70 %, negative ion 6 0 to 3 0 %
~ Auto balance…Effective when Auto Balance mode is enabled (Distance 50 to 100 mm)
~ Needle cleaning timer…Effective when needle cleaning timer is enabled (One day un t from 1 to 60 days)

* Ion balance : ± 30 V (Distance 1000 mm)
* Warning output : High voltage error, Needle cleaning timer (Only when set) [Connector RJ45]
* Operating temperature and humidity : 0 to 50 °C, 35 to 85 %RH (With no dew condensation or freezing)
* Operating distance : Approx. 50 to 2000 mm
* Ozone production : 0.05ppm or less
* Material Body : Flame- retardant ABS resin, Needle electrode: Tungsten
* Accessories : I nstruction Manual, Remote controller×1, Power cable (5m)×1, End brackets×2, Middle bracket (See back side)
* Air flow : L / min

Static Erasing Performance