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VESSEL GT-HS30 Air Scissors

* Assured cutting even with difficult-to-cut textiles.
* Micro-corrugated edge blade. Cuts assuredly in the targeted point without slipping or sliding.
* Cuts difficult-to-cut textiles including carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid fiber, fiber-reinforced rubber, soft plastic panel, fishing gut, optical fiber sheathing, etc.

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GT-HS30 Air Scissors

GT-HS30 Air Scissors Description

* Hose coupling R1/4 (Body Rc1/8)
* Air hose inner diameter 5mm

* Blades specifications Scissors type Serrated micro edge
H30ME: BladeAperture:26mm Effective Blade Cutting Length:50mm Weight:280g
H30MEL: Blade Aperture:34mm Effective Blade Cutting Length:67mm Weight:285g

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