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VESSEL Heat Air Nippers (Air Hydro Type)

* Thrust-cut type heat nippers
* Air hydro type. Enables a constant blade speed that produces clean cuts.
* Stationary blade for easy workpiece positioning. Moreover, the nippers are insulated to protect workpieces against thermal deformation.
* Minimizes blade shaking to ensure precision gate cuts.
* Blades are Teflon-coated to facilitate workpiece removal.
* Requires separately sold Hydro Controller.
* Custom-made blade lengths and cylinder capacities available.

GT-NKH20A-25 (Forward-facing blades)Download Drawing 2D, GT-NKH20AR-25 (Backward-facing blades)Download Drawing 2D
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Heat Air Nippers (Air Hydro Type)

Heat Air Nippers (Air Hydro Type) Description

* Included heater: HTL-28.5-6.25-300L 80W1H (80W/100V) Cord length 300mm Recommended temp. 140°C

* Included temperature sensor: SNO300L Thermal couple type K (Nickel-Chromium/Nickel-Aluminum) Recommended temp. 140°C Cord length 300mm

* Air Pressure: 0.6MPa
* Working air hose inner diameter: 4mm

# 200V/240V heaters are also available to order.


* Hydro-converter (Recommended: KOGANEI AHC 32×50) Working fluid: Petroleum hydraulic fluid or turbine oil with antifoaming agent additive (VG22~100)

* Temperature controller (DTC-001)

Blades Specifications: Special Alloy Steel Knife type (resin)
NKH10AJ?Blade Opening:10mm Cutting blade effective:19mm Weight:125g

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