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Menyambut Anniversary 100 Tahun VESSEL pada 2016 mendatang, dapatkan berbagai produk baru kami yang akan di Launching pada 2016

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VESSEL Heat Air Nippers (Vertical Sliding Type)

* Sliding heating nippers. Can be used in the same way as the GT-NT Series.
* Uses a single stationary blade, so workpieces are easily positioned.
* Blade opening/closing speed can be changed.
* Ideal for cutting of small diameter gates including plastic lenses.
* Blade is Teflon coated, allowing easy removal of works.

GT-NTH05Download Drawing 2D, GT-NTH10Download Drawing 2D
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Heat Air Nippers (Vertical Sliding Type)

Heat Air Nippers (Vertical Sliding Type) Model Size

Heat Air Nippers (Vertical Sliding Type) Capacity

* Included heater : 80W/120V Cord length: 300mm
* Included temperature sensor : Thermal couple type K (Nickel-Chromium/Nickel-Aluminum) Cord length: 1,000mm
* Air Pressure : 0.4~0.5MPa
* Option Parts : Temperature controller (DTC-001)
* Blades Specifications : Special Alloy Steel Nipper type (resin)

HTH05AJ Blade Opening : 3.5mm Cutting blade effective: 15mm Weight:40g

NTH10AJ Blade Opening: 4.5mm Cutting blade effective: 17mm Weight:88g

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