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Menyambut Anniversary 100 Tahun VESSEL pada 2016 mendatang, dapatkan berbagai produk baru kami yang akan di Launching pada 2016

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VESSEL GT-D80-20 Air Drill (Drill Hole Ø8mm)

* Speedily drills holes of every small bore. Compact and lightweight, it is provided with functions, such as adjust-valve and silencer, which adds comfort to the workplace.
* Noise reducer
* Rear exhaust

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GT-D80-20 Air Drill (Drill Hole Ø8mm)

GT-D80-20 Air Drill (Drill Hole Ø8mm) Description

* Steel Plate Drilling Capacity :Ø8mm
* No Load Speed:2,000rpm
* Air Consumption:0.35m3/min
* Chuck Size:8mm

* Air coupling:BPB-2
* Chuck handle

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