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Menyambut Anniversary 100 Tahun VESSEL pada 2016 mendatang, dapatkan berbagai produk baru kami yang akan di Launching pada 2016

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VESSEL AD-4 M High Volume Nozzle Type

* Strong and lightweight alminum body.
* Proprietary solution to prevent trigger from rattling.
* Interchangeable tip nozzle.
* Hanger-hook package also available.
* Air flow rate increased by 35%. Ideal for powerful air dusting.
* Major applications at machine tool operations, automotive & garage, wood working, agriculture moving equipment, leisure and sports club cleaning, cooling off and dry work, etc.

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AD-4 M High Volume Nozzle Type

AD-4 M High Volume Nozzle Type Description

* Nozzle Shape: High Volume Nozzle 2x1pc, 0.8x4pcs
* Air Consumption: 240L/min

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