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VESSEL GT-DG100 Air Disk Grinder (Disk Diameter 100mm)

* Spindle lock for facilitating disk replacement.
* Safety throttle to protect against careless operation.
* Built-in safety governor controls revolution speed.
* Exhaust port is positioned so as not to blow on workpieces or not to cause dust to fly around.
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GT-DG100 Air Disk Grinder (Disk Diameter 100mm)

GT-DG100 Air Disk Grinder (Disk Diameter 100mm) Description

* Grindstone size (Outer diameter x Thickness x Hole diameter): 100 x 6 x 15 mm
* Max. Circumferential Speed: 4300 m/min
* No Load Speed: 13,500rpm
* Air Consumption: 0.7m3/min

* Air coupling: BPB-2
* L-wrench: H6
* Quick lock adapter

Disk can be easily replaced without fastening tools, by attaching a purpose-specific adapter.

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