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VESSEL F6ST-E : Ionizing Mini-Fan with Stand

* Ionizing method: Piezoelectric high-frequency AC corona discharge.
* Featuring a compact, lightweight design. Compact fan-shaped ionizer.
* Interior LED light lets you check for dirt on the electrode needles visually.
* By detaching the louver, the needles can be easily cleaned. Automatic shutoff for electrode over the needles.
* Comes with a stand which enables ready installation at a suitable direction angle.
* Warning indicator notifies you if the fan locks up or abnormally high voltage is detected. LED lamp notifies you in case of abnormalities. Also, its safety mechanism automatically stops the fan and ion generation when the louver is taken off.
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F6ST-E Ionizing Mini-Fan with Stand

# The above measurement does not include the stand and other protruding parts.

* Power supply : DC24V±5%
* Current consumption : 253mA (typ.)
* Noise level : 58.5dB [Fan speed: HI]?40.4dB [Fan speed: LOW]
* Fan speed : 0.87m3/min [Fan speed: HI]?0.4m3/min [Fan speed: LOW]

* Accessories : Power supply transformer No. AD24-ITF6 AC cable (1.8m)

* Static erasing performance

Charged plate monitor : TREK 158, which conforms to ANSI EOS/ESD S3.1, was used for measurement.
Measurement conditions : Max. fan speed, Temperature : 25°C, Humidity: 50%

Top : Ion balance
Middle : Decay time required for static discharge from +1000V to +100V
Bottom : Decay time required for static discharge from –1000V to –100V

# Static electricity erasing capability values given in this catalog were obtained in our
measurement environment. Your results may differ depending on the operating environment.

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