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Menyambut Anniversary 100 Tahun VESSEL pada 2016 mendatang, dapatkan berbagai produk baru kami yang akan di Launching pada 2016

About Us

vessel company About Us

VESSEL is a leading fastening tool manufacturer. Our Founder’s Policy of “singleness of purpose” has been passed down to the present day, its undiminished relevance apparent in our dedication to the principles of high quality, fair pricing, new product development, and customer satisfaction.


We believe our mission is to develop new products and bring them to market faster than other companies. To fulfill this mission, the VESSEL Group has implemented a division of labor among plants so that each facility specializes in a single product type, and we strive to develop new technologies under a clear system of responsibility. Inspiration from the market helps create new concepts as we continuously develop highly original new products.

Environmental responsibility

Operating in the midst of a constantly changing social environment requires us to face new issues continuously. One of these issues is the need to take action to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations and products. We have launched a number of corporate activities focusing on complying with the requirements of green procurement and RoHS directives, lengthening product lifetimes, using recycled materials, designing products for easy post-use resource recovery and recycling, and saving resources.company photo1 2e About Us

Quality and Brand

VESSEL products have consistently met strict quality requirements as professional tools. Over more than 90 years of history, this rock-solid commitment to quality has anchored our operations.  VESSEL Mark of Quality


Products must not only deliver the required functionality, but also conform to the human hand for maximum comfort and ease of use. In terms of design, we strive to create products that all customers will find pleasant and comfortable—from first-time users to professionals who make a living with our tools every day.


VESSEL designs products to ensure the health and safety of users and those around them. The design process includes risk assessments addressing such areas of concern as machine safety, vibration, noise, and electric shock as well as a full regimen of safety evaluation testing.